Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blood Brothers on Kobo

Blood Brothers has been approved for Smashwords' Premium Catalog distribution, and they already made it available on Kobo. Click this link to go to the Kobo page.

Athemon and the Infernal Voice, a free short story excerpted from Blood Brothers, is also available on Kobo. Click this link to go to the Kobo page for it.

I noticed that both books are listed as "#358 in Sci Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy, Epic Fantasy". I'm pretty sure not a single copy of either title has sold yet, and I wonder if the #358 ranking shows that Kobo doesn't have very many Sci Fi or Fantasy titles. The little searching I've done on Kobo sort of gives me the feeling that it's mostly a bunch of weird porn. (Before a title with my name went up, a search for "M.F. Soriano" brought up all kinds of crazy results; the most memorable being "Bred by the Yeti".)

I've unpublished the Athemon and the Infernal Voice title from my Nook Press page because I didn't have the option of making it free. Now that that title has been given Premium Catalog status on Smashwords, I'm hoping it'll find its way to Nook through that channel, and that it'll show up for free. Hopefully it won't take Amazon too long to price match (Infernal Voice currently shows up there for 99 cents).

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