Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ZC5 is now underway!

Shoots, it's been over a month since I hit the publish button on episode 4, and I'm only now getting started on episode 5. The main reason for the delay is I'd been waiting for inspiration to strike. And it did strike, here and there, but not often enough or with a big enough boom to give me the whole story plotted out before I got started. Well, now I'm tired of waiting for the muse, so I'm taking what I've got and I'm jumping back into the story, hoping I figure out where I'm going as I go.

I mean, it's worked out well enough so far. Right?


  1. I am actually happy that you dive into it again, as I enjoyed the ride very much, so far. Just finished the 4th one ��. Thx for the entertainment ��

  2. Hi Wilhelm, and thanks for reading Zombie City and visiting my blog. The review you left on Amazon for Episode 1 is one of the things that motivated me to continue with the series, so thank you very much for that. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Episode 4. I just finished the first draft of Episode 5, and I'm revising it now. I hope to have it online by the end of this month.