Monday, July 29, 2013

The ElectroLive Murders

The first title I ever put up on Kindle, and the first effort I made at self-publishing, was my novelette The ElectroLive Murders. Originally I published it under the pen-name Don Broma because I was worried that self-publishing a piece would hurt my chances of pursuing traditional publication with other projects, and so I wanted to keep my real name hidden. Since then there have been plenty of high-profile deals offered to authors who came to attention because of their self-publishing efforts, so the same taboos don't really apply--and I've also decided that I'm not really that interested in pursuing a traditional deal, anyway. So, when I put Blood Brothers up on Kindle, I went back and changed the author name to my real name.

I recently went through the process of adding this title to the nook store, and doing so refreshed my memory about it. I still think it's a great story, lots of fun, with a compelling hard-boiled tone and some novel sci-fi ideas. I don't think it's managed to find the audience it deserves yet, but we'll see if making it available on nook helps.

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