Thursday, July 18, 2013

why I write and why I publish

The Amazon reviews are starting to show up for Blood Brothers, including a particularly extensive and thoughtful take on the characters and the story by "humanitysdarkerside", who also has a blog and posted the review there.

Getting a review like this--a review that shows an attentive reading by someone who enjoyed the book--is incredibly fulfilling to me. The main reason I write is because I love words and I love getting lost in my own imagination. But the reason I publish is because I hope that people will read what I've written and feel some sort of connection to it. I think this review shows that connection, and I'm both thrilled and grateful for it.

The offer I mentioned in my last post is still on the table: I'll gladly send a free eBook copy of Blood Brothers to anybody that's willing to write a review of it. Please email me if you're interested: mf.soriano {at} yahoo {dot} com

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